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Honda / Acura 38231-TX4-A01 Fuselink

Honda / Acura 38231-TX4-A01 Fuselink

Perhaps you have jumped your vehicle (or someone else who had a dead car battery) or you installed a new battery and you had it backwards (or bought the wrong battery) and the positive and negative posts were opposite the old battery.  Well, a spark happened and most likely this fuse blew.  It did its job and protected your ABS system, Ignition, Power steering, alternator, etc.  There are many circuits the multi block protect.  Well, we have it in stock and ship with new screws.  It's an easy fix - just remove the negative cable from the battery (protect the negative post with a cloth), remove the old fuselink (you may need pliers or needle nose to pull the old fuse out), insert the new one, screw down and you're back on the road.  Real easy - no need to go to the #stealership.

Honda / Acura 38231-TX4-A01 Fuselink video
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