Commonly Replaced Car Parts Every Car Owner Should Know About

Owning a car is fun, which brings a lot of responsibilities at the same time. One of them is routine maintenance. To keep it running, it is essential to plan regular garage visits. While preventive care can effectively avoid most issues, some parts need to be replaced after a specific period. It is usually due to wear and tear leading to failure. Sometimes, a lack of maintenance may be the reason.

To ensure that you fix issues before they turn into bigger ones, you should have an idea about the common parts you may have to get replaced:

Battery and battery terminals

Battery failure is common, which happens due to aging. Signs such as dimming lights, difficulty starting the vehicles, warning lights, and visible corrosion indicate the need for a replacement. However, your battery is not always at fault. Sometimes, they may be an issue with the battery terminals of your car. You can order them from an online store or look for them offline according to your vehicle’s brand and model.

For instance, if you have a Toyota Prius and face an issue with the negative terminal, you should look for Prius negative battery terminal and get it replaced without further delay.


The next on the list are headlights, as they have a smaller shelf life compared to other parts of a vehicle. They are usually replaced after five years. If you’re in love with night driving, you should keep an eye on your headlights. Check for burned bulbs, dimming lights, and wirings if they stop working all of a sudden or visit a garage.

Fuses and circuit breakers

Your loving machine contains circuit breakers to protect delicate electrical components from short circuits and electrical overloads. Blown circuit breakers should be replaced immediately to keep the electrical system working. Invest in quality, even if it feels like breaking your wallet at the moment. For instance, Ford owners should look for BR3Z 14526 AA from a trusted manufacturer and get it replaced on priority. Make sure to visit a garage for replacement as DIY may not be a good idea because of the complex nature of cars’ electrical systems.

Brake pads

Ignoring your brake pads can be a threat to your life, so you should always keep them in the best shape. Based on your driving habits and durations, it is ideal to consider replacing the brake pads every 30,000 to 40,000 miles or 3-4 years.

In a nutshell

The frequency of your garage visits depends on how you treat your car. But even after handling it gently, some components may fail due to prolonged wear, and that’s when you should get them replaced without giving them a second thought. The key is to success is to purchase parts from a reliable manufacturer. Quality replacement parts may seem expensive at first, but their performance and durability traits make them worth every dollar spent!

In case you’re looking for BR3Z 14526 AA for your Ford or any other part for a different brand, reach out to us today.

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