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Hats off to Ed's! Doing the ultimate Macgyver and seeing the cross application, I salute you all. Being a retired motorsports professional, I knew there should be an OEM work-around to a complete battery harness replacement on a F150. An Edge terminal...LMOA. I have the skill and the technology; thank you for enabling me in a good way. Sincerely, Robert C.

Robert C.

I went to an auto parts store and they didn’t have anything like this fuse. The employee didn’t know how to get it either. Found it here. It arrived within two days, I put it in, and my car starts again.

I got myself into this mess by putting my new battery in with the polarity reversed. The label on the battery was on the back side if the battery instead of in the front like it usually is.


Worked for 2011 G37. Great product came with everything needed to do a full replacement

Tracey J.

Went to Autozone and bought a Universal Terminal Clamp for my 2013 Ford Fusion and the screw wouldn't fit. This one worked perfect and was easy to install. Should have just shopped here from the start.

James April , 2023

This was a perfect replacement for my 2015 F150 the picture looks deceiving because it looks like reverse but the bar that slides through to lock terminal in is reversible. super easy install definitely better than the options my local auto parts stores had in stock (The cheap thin pot metal junk) seems exactly or very close to OEM no one will know the difference unless they can remember factory part numbers. The Ford dealership wanted $70 no thanks I'll figure it out!

Anthony H - March 18, 2021

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